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Our wide range of Accessories to expand the possibilities of your lift: support plates for 2 post lifts, adjustable height adaptors, slip-on adaptors, axle jacks, drive-on and tuning ramps, sliding plates and joint play testers for wheel alignment

Truck Adapters for SPL10000M Item No: 2100SPL08046
Truck Adapters for SPL10000M 3S Item No: 2100SPL08046A
Mini-Max Arms (entire set of 4) Item No: 240SPL08400-BW
Low Profile Arms (entire set of 4) Item No: 277SPLUSA08000
Double Joint Rear Arms (rear arms only) Item No: SPL OTTO Arms
Height adapters 1.6" for 3 STAGE arms Item No: 245SPL08032A
Height adapters 3.5" for 3 STAGE arms Item No: 245SPL08031A
Tool holder bracket for SPL lifts Item No: THKIT
Jumbo Outriggers Item No: JA070.0-1023

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